Dr Nan’s Media Highlights

Dr. Nan Wise, her work and her findings have been covered on television, online, in magazines, and books.


ABC News Nightline with Juju Chang – 3/19/2012
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Discovery Channel, Curiosity—“Why Is Sex Fun” – 08/2016
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Discovery Channel’s  Strange Sex episode—“Unusual Orgasms” – 07/18/2010

National Geographic Channel—“Sex: How It Works” – 6/2013
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The Doctors –2012
Dr Barry Komisaruk and I discuss the benefits of orgasm after our brain video received major publicity.



Healthy, Strong, and Active: Your Strategy for Life
Interview Nan Wise PhD; Is Sexual Fulfillment (Orgasm) a Key to better Physical and Mental Health in Women?
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Men’s Health – 6/1/2015
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The Atlantic – 1/17/2014
“Donating Orgasms to Science: A day in the life of a sex researcher”
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Yahoo News – 11/18/2011
“Brain imaging captures female orgasm in action”
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Huffington Post – 11/17/2011
Female orgasm: This is your brain on the Big O
This link includes a video made of my own brain activity during orgasm. This video was formally presented at the Society for Neuroscience and garnered much attention from the media. It crashed the website that was hosting it. It can be said that this is the world’s first “brain porn”.
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Huffington Post – 8/2013
Orgasms better for your brain than crossword puzzles, research suggests”
This explores how our research indicates that orgasms exercise the brain. My own dissertation work empirically confirmed this pattern of widespread brain activation.
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Jezebel – 11/20/14
“Master of Sex: The anxious day of a real life sex researcher”
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Jezebel – 9/30/13
“Men faking orgasms and women getting off by thinking sexy thoughts”
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The Guardian – 10/2013
“Female orgasms-Better than an apple a day?”
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The Daily Mail – 9/2013
“Can an orgasm make you smarter, healthier, happier – even cure addiction? Rowan Pelling gets wired up during climax to find out”
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The Daily Mail – 11/2011
A brain symphony’: First MRI scan video of female orgasm shows how activity lights up EVERY region of the brain”
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Big Think – 2013
“Battle of the sexes: The orgasm edition”
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Big Think – 2012
“This is your brain during orgasm”
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SheWired.com – 11/2011
“Mapping the female orgasm via brain scan”
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Science Daily.com
Stimulation of female genital regions produces strong activation of various brain sites”
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Nature and Health, Australia  – 2/9/2015
“Sex and the brain”
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“A Sexplanation Online Screener” – 2015
In this trailer for a full-length documentary about sexuality, I discuss the importance of pleasure.
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Cosmopolitan Australia – 8/2013
“Orgasms are great for your brain”
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Cosmopolitan France – 2013
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Cosmopolitan Croatia – 2011
Orgazam izaziva vatromet u glavi”
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The New York Times Sunday Review  – 9/29/2013
“I’ll Have What She’s Thinking”—News Analysis by William Broad
Discusses my research about thinking activating the sexual centers and thought-induced orgasm
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The Times-UK
“Forget Su Doku, orgasms are better for the brain than Su Doku”
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The Guardian-11/6/2011
I Had an Orgasm in an MRI Scanner”
Kayt Sukel went to extraordinary lengths to help researchers learn more about the Neuroscience of the female orgasm.
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Playboy – 11/2009
The Woman Who Could Think Herself Off! — By John H. Richardson
Details our studies of imagery-induced orgasm

Cosmopolitan, UK – April 2009
Inside the Orgasm Lab Revealed –Your Orgasms- The Big Questions”
Sex therapist and scientific researcher Nan Wise answers our most common orgasm queries

Prevention – November 2011
“Great Sexpectations”
A revealing new study has pinpointed the true sources of sexual pleasure for women: Let the findings reignite your sex life if you dare.

Inside New Jersey – May 2010
“Inside the pleasure lab: Where Rutgers scientists work to unravel the mysteries of female sexuality.” 

New Scientist – Issue 2812, 14 May 2011
“Sex on the brain: Orgasms unlock altered consciousness
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Books—Interviews and Quotes

Dirty Minds: How our brains influence love, sex, and relationship
Kayt Sukel – 2012

The Science of Yoga: Risks and The Rewards
William J. Broad – 2013
Discusses my research in imagery-induced activations

What Do Women Want: Adventures in the Science of Female Desire
Daniel Bergner  – 2013

Great Sex Made Simple
Patricia Johnson and Mark A. Michaels – 2012

Partners in Passion: A guide to great sex, emotional intimacy, and long-term love
Patricia Johnson and Mark A. Michaels – 2014