Aside from adding to the knowledge base of how the brain works, I believe it is equally important to validate studying sex just for sex’s sake.

- Dr. Nan Wise


Potential Interview Topics for Dr. Nan

  • Icon_01 Real examples of “extraordinary lovers” that Dr. Nan has encountered in her research:
    women who overcame sexual shame, trauma, and boredom to reach their sexual potential.
  • Icon_02 How the brain is connected to sex and experiencing pleasure, and what one can do to break out of self-destructive patterns.
  • Icon_03 The seven core wired-in emotional systems and how they can influence anhedonia: SEEKING, FEAR, ANGER, PANIC/GRIEF, LUST, CARE, and PLAY.
  • Icon_04 Physical and emotional “Good Sex Tools” that will help readers restore and reinvigorate their sexuality, such as reframing one’s outcomes, active listening with a partner, breathing techniques that help rebalance the nervous system, pelvic floor exercises that supercharge sexual energy, and activities to help assess personal desire level and one’s personal “erotic fingerprint.”
  • Icon_05 The rise and fall of the honeymoon phase or “new relationship energy,” and how to maintain a fulfilling relationship for years to come.
  • Icon_06 Tips for rediscovering pleasure, in life and in sex, through self-acceptance, listening to one’s body, taking risks, being patient, staying connected with partners, and more.
  • Icon_07 An exploration of the sexual revolution fallout stemming from the cultural resistance to diving deep into the study of female sexuality.
  • Icon_08 The truth about sex later in life: it is not only possible, but empowering, and how to embrace your sexuality at any age.
  • Icon_09 An exploration of polyamory, kink, BDSM, and other areas along the less-mainstream boundaries of the romantic and erotic.

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