Nan Wise is a cognitive neuroscientist, licensed psychotherapist, certified sex therapist, board certified clinical hypnotherapist, and certified relationship specialist with three decades of experience. Her research has attempted to address gaps in the scientific literature regarding the neural basis of human sexuality, and has as a result, garnered international attention.

Curiousity-1ADr. Nan’s Therapy

My speciality is to help clients design their lives from their conscious commitments rather than from emotional habits. Key to this is getting comfortable in your own skin. As a Certified Sex Therapist, Certified Relationship Specialist, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Yoga teacher and mindfulness instructor, I have powerful tools to share. Read Article

0f6fa9943Donating Orgasms to Science

As I drive the five miles from my house in suburban New Jersey to Rutgers University Brain Imaging Center, I take a mental inventory of my data. So far, I have collected 13 self-stimulation orgasms but only 6 orgasms brought about through partner stimulation. The goal is to have an equal number of both. Read article