30 Day Training to Harness Anxiety and THRIVE

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Let’s use the lockdown as an incredible opportunity to learn new tools and tricks that will enhance our ability to not only survive the challenges, but to thrive beyond how we were doing before the shit hit the fan.


As a culture, we weren’t in the best shape prior to the pandemic as many people were reporting high levels of anxiety, stress, and depression. And there was even a sex recession. Let’s take this time to work together to get happier, healthier, and better balanced.


Each day I will share a new tool, technique or strategy that I’ve, myself, needed to know to manage my own anxiety and help my clients over three decades as a therapist, neuroscientist, author and funster.


We will work with our bodies, minds, and emotional weather to learn how to harness the power of attention to soothe our overstimulated nervous systems, manage our wired in core emotions so that we are less defensive and more connected, and develop new health hedonism habits–practices that feel good and are good for us- that will help us be more relaxed, creative, smarter, and happier on the other side of the challenge.


What We Will Cover


  • Body oriented tools to calm your nervous system through working with the breath and Yoga energy locks
  • Learning about the 7-core wired in embodied emotions and the three-level mind can empower your ability to manage moods and be happier and healthier
  • How to use curiosity and playfulness for more effective problem solving
  • How to attune better to your own mind, body, and emotional weather for ongoing wellness
  • How to enhance communication and connection with others for social joy and healthy relationships

I’ll be updating this post EVERY DAY with the latest episodes as your guide.

We’re going to get through this together.



Episode 1: The Breath Foundation


Episode 2: Radical Acceptance


Episode 3: The Walk and Talk


Episode 4: Your Core Emotions


Episode 5: Tune Into You!


Episode 6: Active Listening


Episode 7: Breath Bootcamp!


Episode 8: Breath Bootcamp Part 2!


Episode 9: Self Relaxation LIVE EXERCISE


Episode 10: How to Deal with a Bad Mood


Episode 11: How to Deal with Uncertainty


Episode 12: The Alternate Nostril Breath (Stops Panic Attacks)


Episode 13: G-rated Tantra Exercise for Couples!


Episode 14: Live Exercise for Lasting Couples on Active Listening


Episode 15: Life Connections During this Pleasure Crisis


Episode 16: What’s Your Sexual Style and Is It Compatible?


Episode 17: Lessons We Can Learn for Sexual Potential

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