5 Signs Your Partner Is Sexually Frustrated and 5 Things You Need To Do

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Is your man showing signs of being sexually frustrated? Does he want it All. The. Time?

The simple answer as to why is that they are just plain horny, but the more complete answer is that your man is craving to have his needs met. And not JUST physical needs, but emotional, mental, and maybe even spiritual needs too.


Why Do Men Want Sex All The Time?

It’s a lot more complex than you may realize. Sex is deeply connected to many other things like self-esteem, self-worth, confidence, excitement, and satisfaction.

And for each of those, there is a reason for why. For some men, sex is about seeking validation that they are desired and worthy. By achieving a robust sex life, they feel like they’ve obtained some validation that they’re desperately seeking.

For others, they see sex as a way to connect with other people. They might hide it under machismo and bravado, but there’s loneliness deep down, and the physical connection sex provides helps to alleviate that.

Other men use sex to add some excitement to their lives. The thrill of the conquest gives them something to do, and a goal to strive for.

For many men, these goals are intermingled, and they can be sexually frustrated if sex isn’t providing the validation, connection, or excitement that they are seeking.


5 Signs That Your Man is Sexually Frustrated

1. He’s Been Really Short With You

Have you noticed a swift downturn in his mood? Is he extra irritable? Are seemingly minor things ruining his day or even worse, it seems like you’re ruining his day? These could all be signs of sexual frustration. Sex provides a means to connect with you and when there’s little of that, there’s less sympathy and/or understanding. Sex is a release from all these stressors, and without it, he’s letting that stress accumulate and percolate within him, infecting his daily mood.


2. He’s Communicating Less

Sex = connection. Less sex = less connection. In the same way, if he weren’t making the effort to meet you at your emotional connection points, you wouldn’t feel as connected with him.


3. He’s Investing More In His Hobbies

Signs That Your Partner Is Sexually Frustrated

Maybe he’s hitting the gym more, riding his bike longer, playing more sports with his friends. If so, he might be looking for a physical outlet for his pent-up sexual urges and more importantly, because there is an overall lack of connection with you. The more connected he feels with you, the more time he’ll want to spend with you.


4. His Emotions Are Running Wild Or Not At All

You used to know him as a stable guy, but suddenly his emotions are becoming more extreme. The peaks are higher, and the valleys are dangerously low. The sexual frustration could be destabilizing his emotional core.


5. It Seems Like He’s Asking ALL THE TIME


This one is clear as day, but surprisingly often ignored. If he’s constantly sending you signals (subtle or otherwise) that he wants to have sex with you, and you’re not reciprocating these signals, surprise! He’s sexually frustrated.


How to Deal with His Sexual Frustration

Let me preface with this first, these tips aren’t to take away from his responsibility in making you feel wanted. It is just a different side of the coin that you may want to consider because it’s how men feel wanted and loved. Sex is not just a physical thing for men.


1. It Might Not Be Your Priority, But It Could Be His

Sex may not be at the top of your priorities, but it usually is for him and not just for the physicality, but the connection in the form of physical intimacy. Just how you need communication, engagement, and connection, your partner may need you to make love with him.


2. It’s Not Just Physical Pleasure For Him

At the core of a relationship is the desire to feel connected. Women often feel this connection in multiple dimensions, one of them being sexual. Men do as well, but being sexually desired by his partner gives men confidence not just in the bedroom, but in the relationship as well.


3. We ALL Get Tired

Fatigued? Tired? Yes, we all get tired, but this can’t be a consistent reason to deny intimacy. Imagine if every time your partner said he was too tired to talk about your day? Or if he was too tired to go out for date night? Sure this is a reasonable excuse every now and then, but it can’t be a consistent excuse.

And this applies both literally and figuratively. The more one is rejected, the less one will try. And you do not want to get to a point of him not wanting to try. Sexual frustration will build up.


4. Enough With The Excuses


You may really just not want to; you may have a thousand excuses. And that’s fine. It’s CONTINUALLY having excuses is when problems will arise. By action, you’re telling your partner that you don’t want him and that is more hurtful than you realize. The nice thing about sex is that it’s like going to the gym, the most difficult part is getting started. After that, you might just have a great time.


5. He’s Horrible In Bed

This probably warrants a completely separate article, like how to have good sex, but honesty is best. Brutal truth isn’t needed, but communicating what to do and what you like can easily be made into something fun and adventurous. End of day, you may just want it more if you enjoy it more, so why not share with him how you would like it to be?


Sexual frustration is a complicated subject with many intertwined causes. The best way to find out the root of his specific sexual frustration is to communicate.

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