Benefits of Using Sex Toys

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If you haven’t experimented with sex toys for couples in the bedroom, you’re missing out on a whole world of pleasure.

Sex toys are a great way for couples to add more options for erotic play and increase their sexual satisfaction . Unfortunately, certain stigmas and misconceptions may prevent couples from fully embracing everything sex toys have to offer.

In this article, we’ll dive into the effects of adult toys on a relationship. We’ll also recommend what I think are the best types of couples’ toys on the market. 

  1. Why Do Couples Use Sex Toys?
  2. The Explosive Benefits of Sex Toys for Couples
  3. It All Comes Back to Communication
  4. Best Sex Toys for Couples
  5. Are Adult Toys Right For You?

Why Do Couples Use Sex Toys?

Toys offer many benefits to both individuals and couples. 

For one, sex toys allow couples to experiment with new sensations. Technology in modern sex toys has advanced to an entirely new stratosphere, with specially crafted designs and features to increase pleasure for all types of erotic expansion. 

Plus, sex toys are a way to take your sex life to a whole new level. If couples are struggling in bed, sex toys can help revitalize the passion by adding an exciting new element. If the sex is already incredible,  toys can make it even better.  

Toys for couples are also fantastic when used individually. One partner may buy a toy that’s just for them. If they like it, they can invite their partner to use it on them during sex. Mutual masturbation with sex toys can be a powerful way to ramp up erotic play.

The Explosive Benefits of Sex Toys for Couples

For many couples, adult toys can enhance the quality of their sex lives and contribute to increased overall relationship satisfaction.

Men who use vibrators on themselves or their partners reported more robust erections, enhanced satisfaction with intercourse,  improved orgasm functioning, as well as ramped-up sexual desire as compared to their non-vibrator using counterparts. This is according to one study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine

Another study found that couples who experiment more in bed (trying new positions, new scenarios, different kinds of toys, etc) feel more satisfied in both their relationships and their sex lives. 

So how are toys improving these couples’ lives?


It All Comes Back to Communication

A big reason toys are often so successful in boosting both intimacy and the health of the relationship is the role they play in opening up communication between partners. 

If the couple is using adult toys they’ve likely had conversations about their own sexual desires. As one study suggests, couples who openly discuss sex tend to have more sexual desire and more satisfaction in the relationship overall. 

Communication is the cornerstone of a healthy relationship. This includes the bedroom. Couples who are unafraid to voice their desires (and their dislikes) are more likely to have more satisfying sex. 

This ability to have open communication is woven throughout all aspects of a relationship, helping to strengthen the bond between the partners.


Best Sex Toys for Couples

Benefits of Using Sex Toys

Looking to add some to your collection, or start one? Here are some ideas to get started:

Remote Controlled Vibrator

A vibrator is probably the  first thing that comes to mind when most people think about sex toys. Couples can try experimenting with different kinds of vibrators, including one that comes equipped with a remote control. This introduces an exciting new power dynamic as one partner gets to tease and please the other. 


Vibrating Cock Ring

Cock rings are designed to prevent blood from flowing out of the engorged penis, allowing for longer and more potent erections. Add in the vibrating sensation offered by some models, and you’ve got a whole new way to experience sex. 


Sex Swing

Want to move sex away from the bed? Look into sex swings that can be installed safely anywhere in your home. You can be inventive about playing with them to freely explore new positions and rhythms. 


Nipple Clamps

As per my own research, stimulating the nipples can provide powerful sensory input to the same area of the brain that receives sensations from the genitals, potentially ramping up and boosting our sexual response.   According to Glamour, nipple clamps are the most underrated toy in the world. Some models are adjustable, and they can bring exciting new sensations to the nipples. It might sound intimidating, but once you experience the exhilarating rush of blood flow to the nipples when the clamps are released, you just might become a convert. 



Want to experiment with BDSM, a.k.a. bondage and discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism? Try a BDSM kit that includes the basics: harnesses, ropes, blindfolds, whips, ballgags, etc. This is a great way to spice up your bedroom and explore the possibilities of BDSM. And don’t worry about exploring kink.  Research indicates that people who embrace this realm actually have good things to teach the rest of us!


Massage Candles

Massage candles help create an enticing and romantic atmosphere. Since they burn slower than normal candles, they can be poured or brushed onto your partner without causing painful burns. Make sure it’s labeled a “massage candle” before you start experimenting with wax play.


Are Adult Toys Right For You?


Ultimately, the best way to find out how sex toys will affect your relationship is to give them a try. They can amplify your sex life and help strengthen the romanitc bond between the two of you. Make sure you feel safe, keep communication open while exploring new sex toys, and have fun!


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