Can 5-Minute Quickies Be Satisfying? Sure They Can

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Maybe you only have a short window of opportunity to get together. Maybe you’re just not in the mood for a marathon lovemaking session. Whatever the case, quickies are a perfect solution for couples pressed for time.

How to Make Your Quickies Short, Sexy, and Satisfying!

In this article, we’ll discuss why quickie sex is extremely underrated, and we’ll give you some tips so you can have the best quickies of your life.

The Case For Quickies

There’s a fine line between finishing too soon and sex that ends quickly.

In fact, according to a survey of sex therapists, the ideal sex session should last between 3 and 13 minutes. Quickie sex can be just as satisfying as longer sessions, and sometimes even better. By mixing it up with some longer sessions (with foreplay, toys, multiple positions, the works) you’re adding depth, variety, and spice to your relationship.


Here are just a few reasons to embrace quickies:

  • They’re perfect if you’re busy. Do you work a busy job that demands a lot of time? Are you a parent? For couples with hectic lives, quickies offer a unique opportunity for some alone time. A quickie can also relieve some stress for busy parents and workers. Having a bad day? A quickie instantly makes it better!
  • They’re more exciting. Quickies can also add an element of suspense and risk. Having an erotic rendezvous somewhere unusual can amplify the fun. Think outside of the box. Have your own garage or basement?  How about the corner of a closet?  A different kind of bathroom break? A deserted trail in the woods? Just make sure to be safe and sane.
  • It gets the job done. If you only have sex when conditions are picture perfect (i.e. you both just showered, the bed sheets are fresh and covered with rose petals, there’s a stunning sunset, Saturn is in retrograde), you won’t be having it much. Go for the quickie now instead of holding out hope for a perfect lovemaking session later that never arrives.

How to Have the Best Quickies

If you’re ready to have some quickie sex, here are some tips on the best way to go about it and what you should avoid.


  1. Include some spicy talk. Whisper something naughty in your partner’s ear. Send a risqué text. Start before you begin so you’ll be ready to go as soon as you get some privacy. There’s not a lot of time for foreplay, so flirting beforehand can help get you in the mood faster.
  2. Keep some clothes on! Instead of taking the time for a sensual strip show, just rip off whatever clothes you need to. In fact, keeping some clothes on makes everything feel even more spontaneous and primal.
  3. Stick to your favorite position. Most couples have a go-to style that they know works most of the time. For quickies, stick with that one. Normally you might ramp up to it, trying some foreplay and new positions first, but this is not the time. Go with what works best. If that means grabbing some sex toys, go for it!
  4. Keep some lube handy. When time is of the essence, you might be skipping the foreplay that normally helps keep you naturally lubricated. Using some lube can make sure there’s no pain—only pleasure.
  5. While sticking with your favorite position is recommended, staying in the same location is not. Part of the fun of quickie sex is taking your love life to all new locales. You’d be surprised how much a change in scenery (even just moving to another room in the house) can add a new spark. If you haven’t had sex in your car in a few years, give it a try the next time you’re out on a drive (parked of course).
  6. Keep a playlist handy and ready to go if you need some help getting in the mood. Get the music ready beforehand. Don’t waste time awkwardly scrolling through Spotify finding a good sex soundtrack when you could be doing much better things.
  7. Finally, don’t get too crushed if things don’t work out. You may run out of time, the space might turn out to be not ideal, and you might even get interrupted! Take it in stride, laugh it off, and pick up where you left off next time.



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