What Does Anal Sex Feel Like and How Do I Prepare For It?

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If you haven’t toyed with the idea of anal sex, you might consider doing so. You may discover that adding some sex play in the realm of the anus/rectum may not only help you improve your sexual functioning, but actually supercharge your sexual response.

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  1. What Does Anal Sex Feel Like?
  2. How To Prepare For Anal Sex
  3. Which Anal Toy Do I Choose?
  4. Benefits of Anal Sex
  5. Don’t Forget About The Nipples

What Does Anal Sex Feel Like?

If this is your first time with anal sex, you’ll most likely find it initially uncomfortable.

That being said, anal play isn’t a nightmare for every woman. You’ll actually get a wide variety of responses when you ask women what does anal sex feel like.

Below is a list of different opinions on the matter from Women’s Health.

  • It feels a lot like vaginal sex
  • It feels great when he pulls out
  • The sensation is incredible
  • It feels uncomfortable at first
  • It’s kind of painful for me
  • It feels like reverse pooping
  • It’s a neutral sensation for me


How To Prepare for Anal Sex

What Does Anal Sex Feel Like

According to women’s health magazine, 69% of women are afraid anal sex will “hurt like hell.” Definitely a warranted concern, especially if you’re not properly preparing for anal sex.


Why Does Anal Sex Feel Good?

First, let’s do away with the notion that it’s just for men. Both men and women have an area in the brain that receives sensations from different regions of the genitals, called the “Genital Sensory Cortex”. I should know since I was the researcher who studied this. For women, this includes the vagina, the cervix, the clitoris, and the nipple. For men, this includes the penis, scrotum, and perineum.

When the anus and rectum are stimulated, signals are sent and the genital sensory cortex is stimulated for both men AND women. That seems like a good reason to consider adding these areas to our erotic repertoire.


Go At It Alone First

Similarly how masturbation is important to understanding your sexual pathways to pleasure and growing comfortable with sensations, trying it alone will teach you how to prep for anal sex.

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Start with a finger at your own pace and depth. There’s no need to go knuckle deep, nor will your anus even want that. After you’re feeling pretty comfortable with your finger, graduate to an anal sex toy. Remember, it’s a step by step process, from beginning to end.

Lube, Stretch, Repeat

Anal toys, like butt plugs, are a great way to slowly stretch the sphincter and get it to relax, allowing for an easier switch.

The anus isn’t self-lubricating like the vagina so LOTS and LOTS of lube. Slowly insert the toy, only pressing deeper till you feel comfortable and your anus has adjusted to the size.

Slowly pulling out and then reinserting can help with the readjustment while also giving you a preview of what’s to come. At any point, add more lube…the more, the better.


Which Anal Toy Do I Choose?


In terms of the particular sex toy, there are lots of options, but safety should come first!
Choose a non-porous, body-safe material that can be effectively cleaned such that you avoid contaminating yourself with bacteria that can be in the rectum. You can add bells and whistles, like vibration, etc., but the most important consideration after the safety of the material is the size of the toy.

Here size does matter.

It’s a bit like Goldie Locks and the three bears. Individual differences loom. Not too big, not too small.

Anal toys that are long enough will stimulate not only the anus but also the rectum. The more superficial stimulation of the anus stimulates the pudendal nerve—the very same nerve that supplies sensation to the clitoris in women, and to regions of the penis in men. While the deeper penetration of the rectum stimulates another set of nerves—the pelvic nerve—which is how sensation from the vagina and deeper genital regions makes its way to the genital sensory cortex in women, and how men experience pleasurable sensation from the prostate gland.

Finding just the right size toy can be a fun journey. The toy should be smooth and comfortable to use such that insertion is pleasurable. Also, make sure that whatever toy you do choose has a flared base so it can’t be lost in the rectal cavity. There are many anecdotal stories of my colleagues in medicine who have had to fish out objects from the rectum. Toys that vibrate can be an added plus since that can enhance sensation.

Some of the products that have been well reviewed include The Njoy Pure Plug which is a stainless-steel toy suitable for beginner and advanced users. You might think stainless steel is not a good choice for something to insert into your anus, but people actually like the feeling of heaviness, and unlike silicone toys, you can use it with the silicone lubricant.


Side note: You must make sure that you use the appropriate type of lubricant for the substances. Silicone lubricants shouldn’t be used with silicone toys!

Speaking of silicone toys, the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty 2 has gotten rave reviews. Apparently, it does a good job stimulating the “P” spot in men, (the prostate gland) which can be associated with great pleasure.


Benefits of Anal Sex

What Does Anal Sex Feel Like

If you thought the only benefit to anal sex is living out some sexual fantasies, think again. The more various paths to that sensory general cortex are stimulated, the more we can enhance our pleasure. This can help people who are suffering in some way from diminished sexual sensation, lack of sexual arousal, and even the inability to have orgasms at all.

By adding stimulation anal/rectum stimulation to genital stimulation for both men and women, not only can we deal with challenges we might be experiencing with sexual pleasure, but we can really enhance and intensify our enjoyment of our sexuality and even make our orgasms more intense!


Don’t Forget The Nipples

What Does Anal Sex Feel Like | Nipples

On a side, but related note: even adding stimulation to the nipples-– which our lab has shown project to the genital sensory cortex in both men and women –can help to make the other genital stimulation additive and even more pleasurable.

So, what we’re talking about here is that by exploring stimulation of the anus/rectum and even the nipples, we can supercharge our experience of pleasure as a bunch of different nerves converge onto the general sensory cortex–AKA Ground Zero of genital pleasure in the brain—get recruited and– lighted up our pleasure places like a Christmas Tree.


In Conclusion

Stay safe, stay hygienic, and have a blast making all of the different nerves that wire to your genital sensory cortex activate together. Just like playing a number of neighboring keys on the piano together, we can create an outrageous symphony of delicious erotic experience.

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