Lover Compatibility

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Thanks for taking the quiz! Here’s what it all means.

If you scored higher in your previous relationship…

First, don’t start getting lover’s remorse. We often just recall the highlights without remembering the mundane. But if it really is the case, you may have had sexual personalities (erotic fingerprints) that really were compatible. Your partner liked it rough and you liked to be dominated.

We all have different personalities (ie. extrovert, introvert, Myers Briggs, you get it) and some mesh extremely well together while others take a bit more effort. It’s the same with our love styles.

Think back to what you personally enjoyed from the experience. For example, if you liked being tied up suggest it to your new party the next time you two are in the bedroom feeling frisky.

If you scored higher on your current relationship…

Be sure you’ve given it ample time to determine how sexually compatible you are. If it hasn’t been long, your “New Relationship Energy” (see graph above) will still be climbing. Our dopamine & oxytocin system floods and we want, want, want.

If it has been a good amount of time, congratulations! Could be you’ve grown as a lover. Or your sexual personalities in this relationship are a lot more in tune than in your previous one. Understanding the characteristics of these personalities can empower you to take the bedroom sparks to the next level.

If you’ve seen a drop from when you FIRST started your current relationship…

Don’t worry! It doesn’t automatically mean you’re sexually getting tired of your partner. You’re simply moving into a different stage and a new baseline of desire in your relationship.

The early passionate stages of love drives the chemistry into building a sustainable relationship. As the bonding succeeds, you might experience a return to your normal baseline of desire.

If you’re unsatisfied with the current baseline desire…

And you’re wanting more, it’s possible that your sexual personalities (erotic fingerprints) are incompatible. All is not lost. learning how to build bridges between different lovestyles can empower many years of joyful sexual exploration and enhance sexual potential.

So what’s next?

I’ll send you information on what you can do if you’re sexually incompatible with your partner and if you are satisfied, some fun ways you can turn things up even further. They’re techniques I’ve used for myself and my patients to deepen the pleasure in the bedroom with a goal of personal and relational growth.


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