The Breathing Exercise That Got Me Through My Anxiety and Panic Attacks

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One of the main reasons I went into neuroscience is because of my own journey and experience with anxiety.

This breathing exercise has been my foundation in helping myself and my patients feel immediate relief when they’re feeling overwhelmed (This is part of my youtube 30-day training on controlling anxiety and THRIVING).


It’s important to have several breath tools in your toolbox.

Here’s a follow up to this basic, as we get more attuned and advanced with our breath tools:


Finally, if you have the time and space to really get grounded, pair it with the child’s pose:



Anxiety can be overwhelming and has a tendency to alienate you from your loved ones. If you’re feeing this way, or have felt this way in the past, I’m running a 30 day training (completely free) to control anxiety and THRIVE. These are quick, 1-2 minute videos filled with exercises, duo topics, and mental calming techniques all designed to ease your mind and body to get you back to center.

Let’s get this under control so you can live a more fulfilled life filled with wonderful relationships and pleasure!

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