Master Edging and Orgasm Control And Ways Your Man Can Last Longer In Bed

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Do you wish sex lasted longer?

According to a survey from the Society for Sex Therapy and Research, sex that lasts between 7 and 13 minutes is considered to be desirable. The same study also found that the average vaginal intercourse lasted between 3 to 7 minutes.

But sex is about more than intercourse. It’s about the buildup, the connection between partners, and exploring ways to keep the romantic fires burning.

How Taking Things Slow, Trying New Things and Enjoying the Moment Can Lead to Longer, Better Sex

In this article, we’ll explore all the best ways to last longer in bed, including edging, one of the most popular forms of orgasm control.


What is Edging?

Edging is the practice of bringing you or your partner close to orgasm (to the “edge” of the orgasm, so to speak), and then delaying the final release. Sometimes this process is repeated multiple times in a row: bringing the partner right to the cusp, and then backing off. In some cases, there is a power dynamic at work: the person getting edged cannot orgasm until their partner gives them permission.

By repeatedly delaying the orgasm, you’re making the climax even more satisfying when it eventually arrives. It may take a while to get there, but it’s absolutely worth the wait.

You’re also introducing some BDSM principles when you practice edging. The dominant party takes control over the submissive party’s orgasm, which can add some thrilling new elements so your sexual relationship. If you’re looking to explore the dominant/submissive element of BDSM, edging (especially when paired with handcuffs) is a great place to start.

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Edging is also good practice for delaying an orgasm while having intercourse. Edging can teach men how to remain at lower levels of arousal for longer periods of time. Instead of sprinting straight to the orgasm as soon as he starts to feel it, edging can teach him how to enjoy taking his time to get there.

Edging can also be employed during masturbation. As soon as you begin to approach climax, stop, wait, and begin again. The more experienced you are with staying close to orgasm without going over the “edge”, the longer the sex can last.


How to Last Longer in Bed for Men: More Options for Orgasm Control

Of course, edging isn’t the only way to control orgasms. If you’re wondering how to last longer in bed, here are some other tactics for a longer, more satisfying sexual experience.


Master Edging and Orgasm Control | Foreplay

Make the night last longer by having more fun with foreplay. You can help build up the sexual tension by making out, giving each other massages, or by performing a sexy striptease! Whatever helps build up the anticipation.

Use Toys

Using toys is a great way to enhance your sexual relationship. You can extend the pleasure through the use of vibrators, handcuffs, feathers, and different types of BDSM toys. Heat things up literally with the use of a massage candle, which burns at a lower temperature than standard candles so you can seductively drip some wax on your partner without any painful burns.

Ask Him to Masturbate Beforehand


Not right beforehand, but maybe an hour or two ahead of time. If he’s orgasmed earlier, it will take him longer to reach climax a second time.


Try some new positions! If you normally go with the same one of two positions, try something entirely different. Getting creative with sex makes everything more exciting and unique. One study found that couples who experiment in bed report more satisfaction in the relationship and their sex lives.


Master Edging and Orgasm Control | Exercise

Certain physical exercises can help strengthen the muscles that lead to improved stamina in bed. Your man can work on pilates, yoga, and Kegel (yes, men can do Kegel, too) to strengthen their pelvic floor, which can improve orgasm control.

Consult A Doctor

If nothing is working, then this could be something that medication could fix. A urologist can perform tests to determine if this is a medical issue. Make sure you’re seeking a reputable doctor and not taking any chances on sketchy treatments.

Move Slower

To make sex last longer, move slower. Work on finding a rhythm. There’s a time to slow down, and a time to ramp up the energy. Spend more time with slowly movements, and speed up gradually. Don’t go full speed the whole time.

Concentrate on Your Partner


Sometimes men orgasm too quickly because they’re focused solely on their own satisfaction. By focusing on his partner instead, he’s likely to last much longer.

Help Him Practice Mindfulness

Sometimes if men allow themselves to be distracted by their fantasies, it can lead to a faster climax. Instead, get your man back to reality. Have him make direct eye contact, focus on breathing, and truly enjoy every moment. Being in the moment can slow things down and make the night last longer.

Cock Ring

A cock ring is a sex toy for men that is intended to keep the blood flow in the penis, leading to longer, harder erections. Some men find that using a cock ring makes their penis feel numb, which means they can last longer in bed.


A More Satisfying Sex Life Means a More Fulfilling Relationship

By making your sexual encounters last longer through orgasm control, you’re strengthening the romantic bond between you and your partner. Edging is one way to build upon and enhance your sex life, but there are plenty of toys and tricks you can use to turn minutes of pleasure into hours of ecstasy.

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