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How to Talk About Sex With Your Partner: Steps for Creating and Nurturing Your Sexual Potential

Before we discuss how to talk about sex with your partner, let’s highlight why it is so critically important. As a sex therapist and researcher, I can easily say that the number one reason people end up seeking sex therapy …

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Lost Your Sex Drive? Not Sexually Satisfied? (Here’s what you need to know about core emotions)

Here’s what you (and your partner) need to know about the core emotions

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The Heartbreak of the Roe v. Wade Reversal A Personal Perspective: Three ways to actively cope and feel empowered.

In the few months since the supreme court overturned Roe v. Wade, we have been dealing with waves of distress emanating from all directions. In addition to my upset (which is considerable, motivating me to pen this post as an …

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What is Female Orgasm Disorder? Tools and tips for managing challenges to experiencing the big “O”

Female Orgasm Disorder—or problems experiencing orgasm–is one of the most urgent and common concerns for which clients seek my services.  It is the second most frequently reported sexual problem (with lack of sexual desire being number one) and is typically …

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Seven Ways to Increase Your Sexual Satisfaction

First and foremost, good sex is about being present.
It’s important not to judge one’s erotic self or the erotic experience, but rather to practice radical self-acceptance.
During sex, one’s mind may go into “spectatoring” mode, being goal-directed or self-conscious. The key is to simply notice it without judging

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Ask Dr. Nan: What if having sex hurts?

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