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Why Good Sex Matters for Older Adults

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How to Use a Vibrator, According to a Neuroscientist

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Health and Happiness

Healthy hedonism heals!

The importance of pleasure. The more I see clients, the more evident it has become that the inability to experience pleasure–known as anhedonia–lies at the root of anxiety, stress, depression, and sexual problems.  Let’s get busy with cultivating healthy hedonism …

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Four different mri images showing the general sensory cortex in women.
Female Orgasms

AASECT Presentation –Neuroscience of female sexual health

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Understanding your emotional operating systems

I believe that having a deeper understanding of our wired-in emotional operating systems frees us to be better regulators of them. As I have heard it said, we always know what’s on our mind, but we don’t always know what …

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An mri machine in a hospital room.

Donating Orgasms to Science

As I drive the five miles from my house in suburban New Jersey to Rutgers University Brain Imaging Center, I take a mental inventory of my data. So far, I have collected 13 self-stimulation orgasms but only 6 orgasms brought …

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