A single tree sits on a rock in the middle of a lake.

COVID-19 | 7 Ways to Boost Immunity, Soothe Panic, and Enhance Wellbeing In Troubled Times

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A child playing with a bubble machine.

What is Female Ejaculation, and Why It’s Good For You

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A woman's hand holding a pink toy with search bar that says "how to use a vibrator".

Yes Masturbation is Healthy | How to Use A Vibrator [VIDEO]

How to use a vibrator is one of the questions I get most often—and most bashfully—in my work as a sex therapist. I began my career as a psychotherapist, becoming a sex therapist and certified relationship expert when I realized …

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Health and Happiness

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s talk about pleasure (video)

In this video, Dr. Nan talks about the importance of pleasure in our lives. How pleasure is the ability to be present to the sensations in our body, the thoughts in our mind and our emotions. And Happy Valentine’s Day! …

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Why Can’t I Orgasm? A Neuroscientist Explains

In my practice as a certified sex therapist and in my work as a neuroscientist studying pleasure, there’s one question I hear a lot: Why can’t I orgasm? 6 Possible Reasons You Aren’t Able to Orgasm   Having a regular …

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Psychology Today

Sex and Parenthood

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